What are Chakras?

What are Chakras?

You may have heard of Chakras or this may be completely new to you. I’m here to tell you what chakras are, The 7 different types, what they do and why we need them to stay in balance.

Chakras are circular vortexes of energy found in 7 points of the spinal column. Each Chakra is connected to different organs and glands within the body. Our chakras are responsible for keeping our life balance in order. If a Chakra is out of balance then the energy life becomes blocked and this can cause physical and mental disruption.

7 types of chakras and their purpose and negative causes:

1. The Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine. This chakra is connected to the earth element and governs the 4 primal urges. These being food, sleep, sex and self-preservation. If this chakra is overactive, we can surer from anxiety and jitteriness. Physically it can cause lower back issues, hip pain, ovarian cysts, prostate issues and digestive problems.

2. The sacral Chakra – Located at the pelvis. This chakra is associated with the water element and helps to regulate emotions and desires. When this Chakra becomes unbalanced we can face issues such as addiction and gluttony. Physically we may see obesity, hormone imbalances and restlessness.

3. The Solar plexus Chakra – Located at the centre naval. This chakra is connected to the fire element and helps us to digest not only our food but also our life experiences. When our solar plexus chakras are out of balance we feel anger, greediness and a lack of compassion or empathy. We may suffer issues with our appendix, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

4. The heart Chakra- Located at the heart centre. This chakra is associated to our spiritual level and is connected to the air element. It also helps us to connect to love, peace and openness. When This chakra is overactive we lose our sense of boundaries and make unhealthy choices. Physically we can feel heart burn, Increased heart rate and palpitations.

5. The throat Chakra – Located at the base of the throat. This chakra relates to “speaking one’s truth” It helps us to find self-expression. Findings that this Chakra is not balanced can cause us to feel ignored, and invalidated. Physically people suffer with more sore throats, infections and mouth ulcers.

6. The third Eye chakra – Located between the eyebrows. This chakra Is the seat of our mind, consciousness and unconsciousness. It helps with our intuition, vision, prophecy and inner knowing. If our third eye is out of sorts, we feel overwhelmed and distracted.

7. Crown Chakra – Located at the crown of the head. This is the doorway to pure consciousness and helps us to connect with divine energy and our higher selves. Underactive crown chakras are normal as this helps us to calm the energy levels down and keep our heads in order.

Balanced chakras are important to help our inner energy flow. Without this balance we can often feel unwell and not quite like ourselves. Often if one of our Chakras is off then our others will become unaligned also. There are ways in which we can rebalance chakras and these are mindfulness, meditation, massage and Indian head massage. Rebalancing chakras will help to improve physical and mental health.

Nicola – My journey into Beauty

I began my career through teaching Art in a secondary school. Art is something I’m very passionate about and is something I still do a lot of on a regular basis.

I went through a stressful time in my life and realised that to improve my happiness I had to make a change. My work life balance was off and it became all consuming. It wasn’t until I went away for a weekend in Chester that I realised what it was that I wanted to do. I booked myself if for an Indian head massage which I’d never had before and I knew then this is what I wanted for my career.

Straight after my massage I felt a huge weight lifted of my shoulders and after feeling stressed for such a long time it amazed me how a 45 minute massage could completely change my mood and set me on the right path.

After this I joined an intensive course in Beauty level 2 and 3 and fell in love with the more relaxing and holistic side of the industry. I love how a person can come in for a relaxation treatment and leave almost like a new person. The way they hold themselves, the way they speak and walk after a treatment is so nice to see and being able to be the person that provides that for them is so rewarding.

Its no doubt that people are more stressed, more lonely and lacking in connection and its nice to be able to be the one that improves a small portion of their lives that ultimately can make a bigger change for them further down the line. Being the one to improve someone else’s physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing is something that not only rewards the client but rewards me too.

I provide many different treatments in salon that can greatly benefit you on many different levels and if you have any questions regarding these I’d love to answer them for you!

You can see my art here:

You can book treatments with me here:


Halt the Habit: Nail Biting

Halt that Habit: Nail Biting

Nail biting is common. It’s a ‘trivial’ habit that secretly has a big impact. I have bitten my nails for twenty years. Now I am at a point where my nails are growing again. It’s a small achievement but to me it feels dramatic. It took me a long time to get there and many failed attempts.
I’ve suffered from infections, self-consciousness, and hopelessness when I have failed to quit. Sometimes, I would bite my nails so badly they would bleed, and I would keep going, as if my life depended on it.
So, why do we bite?

It’s been estimated that roughly 30% to 40% of the population has a chronic nail-biting habit. Habitual behaviour is notoriously difficult to stop. Often, we don’t even realise we are doing. There have been times when I was driving along and found myself ten minutes later having bitten every nail without noticing.

The reason we often struggle to stop varies from person to person. It might be that we don’t really understand why it’s such a big deal to quit. Even when we know why we should stop it might be that we try and fail and so we wonder what the point of trying is.
A little dramatically, part of me felt like I was not capable of doing it. It was my crutch to calm me down. I was biting my nails when I entered a panic or became stressed in my every day. It scratched an itch. I had a false feeling of control over my body and because I was focusing on biting it was distracting me from my nervousness. Although it felt great in the moment (and even then, sometimes not), it didn’t feel good after. Calming techniques and adapting to cope with anxiety can be used to replace nail biting, scratching or hair tugging if you are struggling with stress or anxiety. It may be that you simply need to occupy your hands. Perhaps you need to fidget? Nail biting might have become the habit that keeps your hands occupied but there are healthier ways to fidget. If your condition is extreme, it is a good idea to seek medical advice from professionals as it may be more than a behaviour habit.
Whatever your reason is for biting your nails there are many good reasons to give the habit a good kicking.

What is the impact?

Your hands meet a lot of bacteria day to day which then goes straight into your mouth when you bite. Nail-biting helps harmful bacteria enter your body. Not only are you ingesting bacteria through your mouth, you’re sharing it. The bacteria in your saliva goes onto your hands and that then gets passed to anyone or anything you touch, putting others at risk. Germs love a ride and your nails are free transport.
Nail biting can lead to other health problems. It causes irritated skin, tissue damage and open wounds, even very minor ones that you might not really notice, which can then become easily infected.
You’re not only hurting your hands by biting your nails but your teeth and mouth. The flesh of your lips, gums, inner cheeks and tongue are sensitive and your nails are sharp and hard. Chronic nail biting can lead to some serious dental problems like abscesses and damaged enamel.
Finally, and as silly as this might sound, your nails are a tool. It’s much easier to take off a label, open a can, and pick up tiny objects. I can finally peel an orange without using my teeth. However you want to use your nails there is something to be said for the reasons we have them in the first place.

What can I do?

By identifying and noticing our behaviour we have greater chance of stopping. I started forcing myself to notice the habit when I was doing it and stated, “I am biting my nails”. The next step was to take my hand out of my mouth and replace the habit with something healthier. Weirdly, the thing that helped me most at work was a fidget cube. I couldn’t carry that around all day though and certainly not driving. I began doing a breathing exercise when I was at home and thought about why I wanted to quit, my goal. When I drove, I tapped my fingers in a rhythm on the wheel.
Something that helped me notice when I was biting my nails, and associating it with unpleasantness, was some foul-tasting nail treatment. You can pick this up from your local pharmacy or from amazon. I began tolerating the taste of the solution, so I cycled through a couple to keep myself from getting used to the taste. Just a warning, if you do use this, don’t eat food with your hands. Trust me.

Proper nail care and keeping them short stops you from wanting to bite them all off. If you break a nail, or chip it when its growing, resist the temptation to bite it off to correct it. Instead, use nail clippers as it stops you from repeating the actions of biting your nails and teasing your brain with the feeling.

Keeping yourself from falling off the wagon once you stop is part of the challenge. When you start seeing your nails grow it’s motivating but habits creep back. You will bite them and have moments of weakness it’s about powering through those moments. Recognise the act, stop and do something else.

Forgive yourself. It’s not all or nothing. Don’t give up. You can do it!

Kathryn Jenkins
Freelance Writer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-jenkins-b5ab8268
Kathryn is a passionate freelance writer with a keen interest in our mental health.

Holly’s Health Corner – My stress skin.

Last month myself, Kelly and Nicola all made the trip to London to attend an acne workshop with Environ skin care which was amazing! The training centre in itself is wonderful and the staff are accommodating and very friendly.

Environ is my favourite facial brand out of all the ones I’ve trained in and I wouldn’t use nor advise you use anything else. This is purely down to the fact that it works. Time and time again I’ve had clients come to me saying “I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that and nothing ever works” Well I’m telling you Environ skin care works. For everyone.

It was great to be up at head office and get some new information on problematic skin and how we can treat it and help you. Problematic skin often feels like a constant battle. One minute we feel like we are finally getting on top of it and then those pesky spots appear again. Whether its stress, hormones or diet that’s causing our acne we have the products, treatment and home care advice to correct it.

I myself struggled with Acne last year after spending my whole life with fairly good skin and I put it all down to stress. Not only was I struggling with personal stress I was also then stressing about having bad skin. It became a vicious cycle. Once I changed my skin care routine with Environ my skin cleared up very quickly and that became one less thing to worry about. It’s a range I love and I’m very passionate about it and how all the science works to deliver the best quality products to your skin in the quickest time. You can see my results using Environ after only 10 days.

I won’t spend this blog telling you about all the wonderful products we have that can help and what treatments you should use because everyone’s skin is different and our facials and topical treatments will be tailored specifically for you. That’s why we offer 30 minute environ consultation for free. This way we can get an idea of how your skin can be improved and what we can do to help.

No matter what your skin concern all clients are entitled to one of our free 30 minute consultations!

You can book these online directly through our website or call us on 01908 567766.


Stuart’s Sports Clinic – Running

Here we are again trying to keep you all fit and healthy.  From time to time I thought it would be useful to tell you a little about some of the sports I work with.  Whilst a good fifty percent of my clients suffer from muscle pain brought on by bad posture, sitting at a desk and driving, I do still work with a fair amount of amateur athletes.  The most popular are runners.  Everyone can run right?  That’s the point of the various park runs around the country.  Well that maybe true but it takes work.


In Paula Radcliffe’s book “How to Run” she advises warm ups, cool downs, stretches and regular sports massage throughout your training to help build strong healthy muscle and help you run faster and further.

Warming up is essential.  Running with cold muscles will lead to injury.  Its important to increase blood flow and loosen the joints before any exercise.  Light stretching before a run works wonders.  At the end of a run blood pooling can occur, where the blood remains in the large muscles of the leg leading to dizziness and potential fainting.  A gentle cool down including stretching will prevent this from happening and will help to stimulate your lymph system removing waste products such as lactic acid which can build up during exercise.

While warm ups and cool downs are often part of a runners routine, there are still many who think massage is just a luxury.  It isn’t.  Far from it.  Sports massage is an essential part of any running training program and should be taken seriously.  Look at successful athletes.  Whether its Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah or Usain Bolt, they all have regular sports massage and physiotherapy.  You may not be looking for your next gold medal but if you are indulging in the same sport why wouldn’t you use the same techniques for success.


A high percentage of my running clients report improved performance and quicker recovery rates due to having regular sports massage.  Sports massage helps to clear out lactic acid, increases blood flow and gives us the opportunity to remove potential problems before they become serious.  There is also a psychological benefit to having someone check over your muscles before a marathon so you feel you are all ready for the run.

So if you are training for a marathon or just want to go a bit faster on next weeks park run, why haven’t you booked your massage yet?


Stuart’s Sports Clinic – Deep Tissue or Sports Massage?

I’m here again with, hopefully, some useful information for all of you with backache, neck ache, headache, or any other kind of ache.  We offer both Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage in the clinic, but many people ask, “Whats the difference?”  Well I’m here to tell you.


A Deep Tissue Massage pretty much does what it says on the tin, the therapist will work on the deeper tissues of the body, including the muscles and will breakdown the smaller knots and areas of tension across the whole body.  The treatment still increases blood flow and breaks down adhered muscle tissue, so you still might feel a little sore afterwards and upto 72 hours beyond.

A Sports Massage on the other hand  is designed to break down knots and tension that have been there a little longer, as well as addressing injury issues and help to breakdown scar tissue from old injuries.  A Sports Massage Therapist will use passive stretching techniques along with other techniques to increase range of movement and help prevent injuries.  A good Sports Massage Therapist will have a more extensive knowledge of the anatomy and movement than a regular massage therapist and will therefore have a better understanding of your injury or condition.  We often start with a postural analysis and a more detailed review of past injuries, to help us work out what needs working on and how best to treat you.  We use various techniques, including trigger point therapy, passive stretching, joint manipulation and sometimes UltraSound.  You need to be aware that a Sports Massage isn’t a relaxing treatment.  Whilst I do my best not to cause needless pain, sometimes the treatment will be uncomfortable and mildly painful.  This pain often continues into the next day, but you should start to feel more mobile and the pain will ease over the next 48 hours or so.


So thats it, simple.  If you have some mild discomfort and a few non specific aches and pains, then try a deep tissue massage, If you have specific pain or restricted movement then you need me and my Sports Massage Techniques.  Don’t be afraid, I wont hurt you………….

Stuart 🙂

Stuart’s Sports Clinic

Welcome to the first blog in a new series where I will talk about what I do and how it will help you.

For those of you that follow us regularly you will know that Alchemy is a joint venture between myself and Holly, but I’m sure plenty of you dont know what I do here, hiding away in a back room that emits screams and yelps and random swear words.  Contrary to popular belief I’m not torturing people or trying to extract their PIN numbers, I’m actually helping them.

So what am I doing and why am I doing it?  Well it all started about twelve years ago while I was sat in an accounting office being bored senseless in yet another pointless meeting about why some numbers weren’t high enough for some directors and i had an epiphany!


Despite my twenty years experience I decided I had had enough of numbers and accounting and I needed a change, before it all went wrong and I started strangling people in the boardroom.  So I walked away from a well paid job and went back to college to retrain in something that would be more beneficial to the world.  I chose Sports Massage.


Although I havent really been sporty in my youth, I’ve always been interested in how I can help people to better themselves and to improve their own health rather than living with pain or popping pills from their GP.  I studied Reiki many years ago and have looked at various other forms of alternative therapy, but for me Sports Massage speaks to the scientist inside.  And of course its not just for sports people.  A Sports Massage is beneficial for anyone with muscle pains of any kind.  Whether you spend too much time on a computer, or in a car, or under the sink fixing someones pipes, Sports Massage will help.

Ten years later, here I am running a successful clinic in the Beauty Salon I own with Holly and we are now into our sixth year.  Over the next few months I hope to tell you more of my journey into alternative therapy and share some of my experiences with different sports, different injuries and maybe how I can help you.


Stuart 🙂

Holly’s health corner- coping with work

Many of you know I went on long term sick in the middle of 2018 due to Anxiety. I have been working towards getting back into work over the past couple of months and taking things slowly. 

When you suffer from Anxiety work can become extremely stressful. Not only as a business owner but for anyone working along side this difficult condition. Over the past 5 years of owning the salon I ended up sending my body into overdrive due to personal circumstances. This is one of the main reasons I ended up very unwell last summer. As a business owner I find it very difficult to take time away from work. Although I already have a human baby who I adrore, my work is like a second baby to me. I use to spend hours and hours at home trying to juggle a busy life of being a mum, running a business, keeping to deadlines, ordering stock, spending time on work social media, advertising, spending time with family, friends, housework…the list goes on and for many people like myself it never ends. Now, everyone has plenty of responsibilities to tackle in their daily life but those who struggle with anxiety can often forget to add in the “rest” part of the day. I also find resting very difficult because its often the time when my thoughts will wonder, But that’s a blog topic for another day!

When you’re stressed, anxious, depressed etc the last thing you feel manageable, is work. All you want to do is hide away. Stay home and not face the day. Things can get worse by this and your body can actually prevent you from leaving the house. When we feel like we need to take time off work that then causes more stress. For me personally I felt like taking time of work being unwell made me a failure. Not being able to get up and do the job I love was so difficult. But my body was telling me to stop. Spending time off work away from the salon made my anxiety worse. All those feelings that you’re letting other people down because you can’t make it in exacerbate anxiety and so the vicious cycle begins.

It took me many months to come back to work (let alone leave my house) and slowly but surely I’ve done it. What’s been most important is to take things slowly. Not to rush back into doing everything you feel like you have to do because ultimately the only thing in life you have to do is look after yourself.  I started by spending a few hours in the salon. Then a couple of half days. I’m still currently only here 3 days a week working longer hours and eventually I would like to be back up to 4 days. When I’m at work it’s a distraction. I have a purpose when I’m here and the anxiety improves because I am doing something that I enjoy. There are days when I can’t manage and times when I want to run back home but this feeling is slowly diminishing and I’m finding work easier and easier as time goes on. 

My advice to anyone who is struggling with mental health and if it’s affecting their work would be to tell someone. Tell your boss, tell your doctor, tell your friends. Anyone that you think will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes pushing on isn’t the answer and this can take things too far and before you know it you have no choice other than to not be able to go to work because your body is in shut down mode. Get the help you need before it’s to late. It really is that simple. 

When I’m at work. I work. When I’m at home I spend the time finding who I am again. Having the balance between the two is enabling me to get back the life I’ve always wanted.

If work is your main cause of stress then make sure you really sit down and figure out what it is that you want. Life is too short to spend in a job that you hate. Regardless of the pay cheque you receive at the end of the month. I’m certainly not suggesting you leave your job straight away. Give up all your responsibilities but taking the time to seek your other options can be really beneficial. For me taking a step back and allowing my body and mind to recover has improved not only my mental health but also my business.

I have been very lucky in the sense that my transition back to work has been at my own pace and although people feel they may not have the same opportunity as I do when it comes to taking thing slowly then it’s time to see what’s the most important in life. You. Your physical and mental wellbeing and your happiness. 

Thank you for reading! If you’re enjoying these posts then please comment below either on Facebook or directly to this blog post. If there’s any areas you would like me to cover on how I cope in daily life or anything you find anxiety provoking then please do let me know 😌

Holly x


Holly’s health corner – Happiness

Hi Everyone! 

The past 6 months have been tough as you all have seen from my previous posts but I finally have something to celebrate and I’m so excited to share it with you! 

This Saturday (9th February 2019) myself and Stuart will be celebrating 5 years of running Alchemy Therapy Centre! I can’t quite believe its been 5 years. The time has flown and I am so incredibly happy with where the business is and how I get to spend my days living a dream I have always had. 

Don’t get me wrong it certainly hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve done and opening at 21 I had many reservations if this would even work. Yet here we are 5 years on opening the doors into our 6th year of business.

I haven’t had much to celebrate recently but this is one of those things that has boosted my moral, made me realise how incredibly lucky I have been to have such a great opportunity in life to run my own salon and how grateful I am to everyone who has support us on a business and personal level over the past 5 years

We should celebrate even the smallest achievements along with the largest ones! 

Only 4 months ago I was writing my achievements in my daily log stating “I managed to get out of bed today for 2 hours” and now I’m writing “celebrating 5 years of business”. Neither one or the other of these achievements are better than the other. They’re both huge achievements at different stages of my life. I really would advise everyone to write a monthly achievement log down just to run through all the things you have achieved over the past month! It’s incredibly empowering and can give you insight into all the amazing things you’ve done without even realising! Write the small things. Write the big things and everything in between. Some times the smallest achievements have the largest impact!  

I’ll be opening the salon doors this weekend for our 5th year birthday party and I can’t wait to see you all! All our details can be found on our Facebook page or call me for more info 01908 567766.

Holly x

Holly’s Health corner – Hand and foot pain!

Hi Everyone! 

This week I’m going to talk about hand a foot pain. How it affects me and others and how I and the team at Alchemy can help. 

Due to my recent anxiety I’ve personally been holding a lot of tension in my hands. I often feel as though they are aching and sore. I’m either clenching them to tightly. Holding onto things with too much strength or its just one of those weird side effects to stress… Either way I’ve been researching what I can do to help myself get rid of this pain and in a round about kind of way I’ve set up a new treatment that will help others. 

We all use our hands and feet daily and can often get issues such as carpal tunnel, arthritis and joint pain. The hospitals offers a paraffin wax treatment that helps to ease these kinds of pain but rather than spending 6 weeks + on a waiting list you can have the exact same treatment with us whenever you want!

Paraffin wax is beneficial for:

  • Arthritis 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Joint pain 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Dry skin 

Paraffin wax is known to help ease pain and soften the skin and it’s really helped my hand cramps over the past couple of weeks! I find my fingers are less tense and my wrists don’t hurt anymore! The warmth of the wax helps to reduce pain, increase blood flow and soften skin.

As with everything I do to try to improve my own health I try to make a way I can put it out there to help others and this is why I have added a new treatment to our ever expanding list. Book in for a 30-minute paraffin wax treatment of the hands or feet to help reduce your tension and you’ll receive a nice mini massage or the hands of feet too!   

As an introductory offer our treatment is £15 instead of £25 until the end of February (2019)

Call me on 01908 567766 or click the book now button on our website.