The month brings us a new focus! A new way in which we can provide advice and education on a new subject relating to something we provide.

This February we will be focusing on everything relating to skin care. The importance of looking after your skin. Lifestyle changes you can start right away. The different skin concerns and how to fix them along with facials and home care that will greatly benefit you!

We’ve all got skin and at one point of our lives we’ve struggled with different concerns. It could be break outs, dehydration, aging etc. We as therapists know how this can make you feel not only physically but emotionally. You feel like people will notice your imperfections and judge you on them! Thats where we come in. Solely working with Environ skin care and Advanced nutrition programme we know this is the BEST route to take for beautiful skin for a lifetime.

Above results show 7 days difference using only 3 products from Environ and Advanced nutrition programme. These are:

  • A, C & E oil
  • Skin Accumax
  • Colostrum Gel

So keep your eyes peeled on our social media and blogs to get all the advice you need! Feel free to ask questions and gain the advice you need because that’s what we are here to do!

We also have a great Facebook competition where you could win an Environ skincare box worth £89.99! Pop on over to https://m.facebook.com/alchemytherapycentre/ to take part and good luck!

Use the #skincarefocus to tag us in your skincare stories, pictures and questions!

Alchemy x


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