Stuart’s Sports Clinic – Deep Tissue or Sports Massage?

I’m here again with, hopefully, some useful information for all of you with backache, neck ache, headache, or any other kind of ache.  We offer both Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage in the clinic, but many people ask, “Whats the difference?”  Well I’m here to tell you.


A Deep Tissue Massage pretty much does what it says on the tin, the therapist will work on the deeper tissues of the body, including the muscles and will breakdown the smaller knots and areas of tension across the whole body.  The treatment still increases blood flow and breaks down adhered muscle tissue, so you still might feel a little sore afterwards and upto 72 hours beyond.

A Sports Massage on the other hand  is designed to break down knots and tension that have been there a little longer, as well as addressing injury issues and help to breakdown scar tissue from old injuries.  A Sports Massage Therapist will use passive stretching techniques along with other techniques to increase range of movement and help prevent injuries.  A good Sports Massage Therapist will have a more extensive knowledge of the anatomy and movement than a regular massage therapist and will therefore have a better understanding of your injury or condition.  We often start with a postural analysis and a more detailed review of past injuries, to help us work out what needs working on and how best to treat you.  We use various techniques, including trigger point therapy, passive stretching, joint manipulation and sometimes UltraSound.  You need to be aware that a Sports Massage isn’t a relaxing treatment.  Whilst I do my best not to cause needless pain, sometimes the treatment will be uncomfortable and mildly painful.  This pain often continues into the next day, but you should start to feel more mobile and the pain will ease over the next 48 hours or so.


So thats it, simple.  If you have some mild discomfort and a few non specific aches and pains, then try a deep tissue massage, If you have specific pain or restricted movement then you need me and my Sports Massage Techniques.  Don’t be afraid, I wont hurt you………….

Stuart 🙂

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