Holly’s Health Corner – My stress skin.

Last month myself, Kelly and Nicola all made the trip to London to attend an acne workshop with Environ skin care which was amazing! The training centre in itself is wonderful and the staff are accommodating and very friendly.

Environ is my favourite facial brand out of all the ones I’ve trained in and I wouldn’t use nor advise you use anything else. This is purely down to the fact that it works. Time and time again I’ve had clients come to me saying “I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that and nothing ever works” Well I’m telling you Environ skin care works. For everyone.

It was great to be up at head office and get some new information on problematic skin and how we can treat it and help you. Problematic skin often feels like a constant battle. One minute we feel like we are finally getting on top of it and then those pesky spots appear again. Whether its stress, hormones or diet that’s causing our acne we have the products, treatment and home care advice to correct it.

I myself struggled with Acne last year after spending my whole life with fairly good skin and I put it all down to stress. Not only was I struggling with personal stress I was also then stressing about having bad skin. It became a vicious cycle. Once I changed my skin care routine with Environ my skin cleared up very quickly and that became one less thing to worry about. It’s a range I love and I’m very passionate about it and how all the science works to deliver the best quality products to your skin in the quickest time. You can see my results using Environ after only 10 days.

I won’t spend this blog telling you about all the wonderful products we have that can help and what treatments you should use because everyone’s skin is different and our facials and topical treatments will be tailored specifically for you. That’s why we offer 30 minute environ consultation for free. This way we can get an idea of how your skin can be improved and what we can do to help.

No matter what your skin concern all clients are entitled to one of our free 30 minute consultations!

You can book these online directly through our website or call us on 01908 567766.


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