What are Chakras?

What are Chakras?

You may have heard of Chakras or this may be completely new to you. I’m here to tell you what chakras are, The 7 different types, what they do and why we need them to stay in balance.

Chakras are circular vortexes of energy found in 7 points of the spinal column. Each Chakra is connected to different organs and glands within the body. Our chakras are responsible for keeping our life balance in order. If a Chakra is out of balance then the energy life becomes blocked and this can cause physical and mental disruption.

7 types of chakras and their purpose and negative causes:

1. The Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine. This chakra is connected to the earth element and governs the 4 primal urges. These being food, sleep, sex and self-preservation. If this chakra is overactive, we can surer from anxiety and jitteriness. Physically it can cause lower back issues, hip pain, ovarian cysts, prostate issues and digestive problems.

2. The sacral Chakra – Located at the pelvis. This chakra is associated with the water element and helps to regulate emotions and desires. When this Chakra becomes unbalanced we can face issues such as addiction and gluttony. Physically we may see obesity, hormone imbalances and restlessness.

3. The Solar plexus Chakra – Located at the centre naval. This chakra is connected to the fire element and helps us to digest not only our food but also our life experiences. When our solar plexus chakras are out of balance we feel anger, greediness and a lack of compassion or empathy. We may suffer issues with our appendix, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

4. The heart Chakra- Located at the heart centre. This chakra is associated to our spiritual level and is connected to the air element. It also helps us to connect to love, peace and openness. When This chakra is overactive we lose our sense of boundaries and make unhealthy choices. Physically we can feel heart burn, Increased heart rate and palpitations.

5. The throat Chakra – Located at the base of the throat. This chakra relates to “speaking one’s truth” It helps us to find self-expression. Findings that this Chakra is not balanced can cause us to feel ignored, and invalidated. Physically people suffer with more sore throats, infections and mouth ulcers.

6. The third Eye chakra – Located between the eyebrows. This chakra Is the seat of our mind, consciousness and unconsciousness. It helps with our intuition, vision, prophecy and inner knowing. If our third eye is out of sorts, we feel overwhelmed and distracted.

7. Crown Chakra – Located at the crown of the head. This is the doorway to pure consciousness and helps us to connect with divine energy and our higher selves. Underactive crown chakras are normal as this helps us to calm the energy levels down and keep our heads in order.

Balanced chakras are important to help our inner energy flow. Without this balance we can often feel unwell and not quite like ourselves. Often if one of our Chakras is off then our others will become unaligned also. There are ways in which we can rebalance chakras and these are mindfulness, meditation, massage and Indian head massage. Rebalancing chakras will help to improve physical and mental health.

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